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Civil Marriage Celebrant
Justice of the Peace
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Baby Naming

A Baby Naming is a wonderful expression of joy due to the birth of a child into a family.

This ceremony is a celebration, a joyous event, a means of recognizing the important role that parents, grandparents and/or Godparents, Mentors or Spiritual Guardians have in offering their support in the child’s future development and spiritual well being.

A Naming Ceremony by a Civil Celebrant is non-religious, it leaves the child free to make any future religious decisions or values, at a later date, maybe when they have reached teenage days or maturity.

Make an appointment with Claire to discuss all of the possible inclusions.  A candle may be added and 3 Certificates are included. Extra Certificates @ $10.00 each.

Renewal of Marriage Vows

Renewal of Vows is a ceremony for any married couple who wish to reaffirm their love and commitment in a unique and personal ceremony.  It may also be referred to as the “Reaffirmation of Vows”. The importance of this ceremony may follow a ‘rocky’ patch in their marriage, the couple wanting to renew their commitment to each other, a celebration of a particular anniversary of the original wedding day or even a repeat celebration due to an important family member or friend not being in attendance the first time around.  

This ceremony is similar to the format of a Wedding but there is no Legal component. A Commemorative Certificate is provided.

Commitment Ceremonies

Not all couples wish to marry, or are unable to marry due to religious, cultural or other personal reasons. These ceremonies could be public or private, they are particularly suitable for same sex couples who cannot be legally married in Australia. There is no legal component, a Commemorative Certificate is provided


As a Funeral Celebrant, Claire is available to work with the Funeral Director of your choice as regards a bereaved family's circumstances, instructions and requests. Perhaps a verse, a prayer or even just one short story, sad or amusing, about your loved one, could be supplied by family members. I will put together a service based on your information. Let there be a ‘celebration of the life’ of your loved one.